Zettai Reiiki

Zettai Reiiki

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絶対霊域 , 絶対☆霊域 , 绝对灵域 , ผีแป๋วแหววกับนายโกโต้จิตสัมผัส

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Comedy , Harem , Romance , Shounen , Supernatural

Author: YOSHIBE Akuro

Artist: YOSHIBE Akuro

Created On: 2010

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:3263

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Most people would freak out if their new apartment was haunted. But Gotou Seiichi actually welcomes the supernatural, as long as it's a cute ghost like Uehara Hinako. Seiichi comes from a family who has spiritual awareness and willingly chose the apartment after he heard rumors of a female ghost haunting the place. He instantly falls in love with Hinako who tries every trick she knows of scaring him out. But with every attempt, she makes him fall in love with her even more.

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