xxxHOLiC Rei

Author: ClampArtist: Clamp

Created On: 2013 Status: Ongoing Type: Manga

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Alternative Names:

xxxHOLiC・戻〈レイ〉; xxxHOLiC: Rei; xxxHOLiC: Return

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Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Slice Of Life, Supernatural


A new story begins with Watanuki and Yuuko, while guests wishes are granted.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 32 - Raw5 months ago
2xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 31 - raw5 months ago
3xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 30 - Raw5 months ago
4xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 29 - Raw5 months ago
5xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 28 - raw5 months ago
6xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 27 - raw5 months ago
7xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 26 - raw5 months ago
8xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 25 - Raw5 months ago
9xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 24 - raw5 months ago
10xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 23 - Raw5 months ago
11xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 22 - Raw5 months ago
12xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 21 - Raw5 months ago
13xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 20 - Raw5 months ago
14xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 19 - Raw5 months ago
15xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 18 - Raw5 months ago
16xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 17 - Raw5 months ago
17xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 16 - Raw5 months ago
18xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 15 - Raw5 months ago
19xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 14 - Raw5 months ago
20xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 12 - raw5 months ago
21xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 11 - Raw5 months ago
22xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 10 - raw5 months ago
23xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 09 - Raw5 months ago
24xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 08 - Raw5 months ago
25xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 07 - Raw5 months ago
26xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 06 - Raw5 months ago
27xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 05 - raw5 months ago
28xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 04 - Raw5 months ago
29xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 03 - Raw5 months ago
30xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 02 - Raw5 months ago
31xxxHOLiC Rei Chapter 01 - Raw5 months ago

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xxxHOLiC Rei

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