Anagle Mole

Anagle Mole

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アナグルモール, 探险间谍, 间谍侦探

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Action, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural

Created On: 2011

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Luchiru is a Majin who lives beneath the surface of the earth.

He was sent on the surface of the earth as a Spy who will gather information in order to defeat the humans who is living above it. But the problem is "Majin's have a different understanding about Humans, they strongly believe that the Human Race are far more superior than Majin's in every sort of way, but in fact it is the other way around.

How would Luchiru survive in the Human World where he has different point of views on the strength of Human that he Strongly believe that just a touch would make him combust and be disintegrated in an instant?!

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Anagle Mole Chapter 第46話 46 - Raw 3 years ago
2Anagle Mole Chapter 第45話 45 - Raw 3 years ago
3Anagle Mole Chapter 第44話 44 - Raw 3 years ago
4Anagle Mole Chapter 第43話 43 - Raw 3 years ago
5Anagle Mole Chapter 第42話 42 - Raw 3 years ago
6Anagle Mole Chapter 第41話 41 - Raw 3 years ago
7Anagle Mole Chapter 第40話 40 - Raw 3 years ago
8Anagle Mole Chapter 第39話 39 - Raw 3 years ago
9Anagle Mole Chapter 第38話 38 - Raw 3 years ago
10Anagle Mole Chapter 第37話 37 - Raw 3 years ago
11Anagle Mole Chapter 第36話 36 - Raw 3 years ago
12Anagle Mole Chapter 第35話 35 - Raw 3 years ago
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