Anagura Amélie

Anagura Amélie

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Alternative Names:

アナグラアメリ , 穴居女子雨里 , 아나구라아메리 , Anagram Ameri , Anagura Amelie , Anagura Ameri

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Comedy , Romance , School Life , Shoujo

Author: SATOU Zakuri

Artist: SATOU Zakuri

Created On: 2015

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:926

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Messy hair and a resting bitch face. Being called a "phantom" behind her back doesn't bother her at all. People in love are stupid! Locking herself in her room to watch movies by herself is pure bliss!! That's the kind of "loner life" the heroine Amelie is enjoying to the max.

When she learns that Teito (now the most popular guy at school) whose budding feelings for her she trampled on years ago, has actually been in love with her all along, she showcases an unexpected reaction?

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