Dankon!! Impossible - 男魂!!インポッシブル

Dankon!! Impossible - 男魂!!インポッシブル

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Alternative Names:

男魂!!インポッシブル , 男魂!!インポッシブル , Dan Kon!! Impossible

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Adult , Ecchi , Comedy , Romance , Seinen

Author: FUKAMI Sakana

Artist: FUKAMI Sakana

Created On: 2008

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:4373

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According to the organization known as the "Sexual G-Men," many Japanese men are losing interest in having sex with women. These men, known as "Panda Guys," are thought to be destroying the country by not procreating. It's the job of the G-Men, who are entirely female, to determine what's blocking these guys from wanting sex and love and to force them to overcome it. The story opens with the operative Mariko overseeing the case of a cop, Watanabe Eita, who hasn't had sex since he lost his last girlfriend. After his 'cure,' Eita ends up being recruited as the first male member of the Sexual G-Men!

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