Futari wa Oshiri Ai

Futari wa Oshiri Ai

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Alternative Names:

ふたりはおしり愛 两人爱的水蜜桃 , Couple Who Love Buttocks , Pet Pet 恋

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Comedy , Josei , Mature , Romance

Author: TAKADA Rie

Artist: TAKADA Rie

Created On: 2008

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:3745

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Asako works at a clinic specializing in rectal problems, with the gorgeous, young, and aloof doctor Kuraku Budou. She wants to be a great doctor, but sometimes she gets the feeling that she's being treated more like a housekeeper. She tries her best to prove to Budou that she's got what it takes to be an awesome doctor, but does all the time she spends obsessing about his impression of her actually reveal that she is developing feelings for him? What if those feelings aren't returned? And what's going on with Mishiri Hajime, the young man who occasionally drops in at the clinic to flirt with Asako?

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