Michibata no Tenshi

Michibata no Tenshi

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Alternative Names:

道端の天使 , 道端天使 , Angel on the Roadside , The Roadside Angel , Thiên Sứ Vệ Đường

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Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo , Supernatural

Author: Emura

Artist: Emura

Created On: 2003

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:3001

Rank:1624th Bookmark: Bookmark


Catolle's parents are murdered by someone who is after the mysterious Book of Ega,that summons anything with spiritual power only when the owner of the book allows it, and she leaves on a journey to escape. During her rough journey, the ones who save her from exhaustion are people of the Arch family, who make a living as a Chinese Circus.

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