Mikado no Shihou - 帝の至宝

Mikado no Shihou - 帝の至宝

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Сокровище императора , 帝の至宝 , 王的至宝 , 王的至寶 , จอมใจจักรพรรดิ (Thai) , Emperor's Treasures , The Emperor's Gem

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Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Shoujo

Author: NAKANO Emiko

Artist: NAKANO Emiko

Created On: 2009

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:10345

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The Shou Dynasty is an era of widespread famine. Kouran, a girl from a village that cannot afford the taxes, sneaks into the palace to steal its treasure. There she encounters a handsome young man, Shiki. The two meet again the next day, when news that an assassin has killed a prince and made off is being circulated all over the country. Kouran suspects Shiki is the assassin, but his genuine kindness perplexes her...

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