Ohanyu - Joshi Ana Collection

Ohanyu - Joshi Ana Collection

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おはにゅ〜−女子アナパラダイス− , おはにゅ〜-女子アナコレクション- , Ohanew-女主播2 , Ohanyu - Joshi Collection , Ohanyu - Joshiana Paradise 2 , Ohanyu - Joshiana Paradise II

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Adult , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Seinen

Author: KOBAYASHI Takumi

Artist: KOBAYASHI Takumi

Created On: 2010

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:12176

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Onodera Ayumu is a regular college student who has been in a slump lately with the girls. He wakes up every day to the morning news with the beautiful newscaster Fujisaki Touko, but realizes he has to set his standards lower than someone like her. Ayumu gets a part time job working at a TV station through his friend and gets a pleasant surprise when he gets to meet all the celebrities he sees on TV. He runs into Fujisaki Touko in the elevator and not only does she start talking to him, she seems to be incredibly attracted to him. Shocked that a big celebrity like her would even take interest in some random part time worker, Ayumu is cautious at first but can’t stop himself from taking a plunge into a romantic relationship with her.

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