Once Again! - ワンスアゲン!

Once Again! - ワンスアゲン!

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Romance , Seinen , Slice of Life

Author: NABEDA Yoshiro

Artist: TAKATOU Rui

Created On: 2011

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Fujimaru Wataru has been moving from job to job since college but has not been able to find a career, but he thinks that is about to change when he lands a job as an assistant to a lawyer. Wataru starts off his first day with a bad impression to his boss, a young female politician named Hara Akira, and her other assistant and who's also her nephew, Mizutani Yuki, but he quickly turns it around by unwittingly gaining the support of an important member of the community. Although he doesn’t remember, apparently, Wataru and Akira were classmates in elementary school and that’s why she decided to give him a shot. However, Wataru learns that if he wants to keep this job, he has to work hard to get Akira re-elected or his position will no longer exist and the competition looks very fierce this year.

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