Onii-chan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne

Onii-chan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne

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お兄ちゃんだけど愛さえあれば関係ないよねっ, 就算是哥有爱就没问题, As Long As There\\\'s Love, It Doesn\\\'t Matter If He Is My Brother, Right!?, Onii Ai, Onii-Ai, OniAi, Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankei Naiyone, Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne, Tant qu\\\'il y a de l\\\'amour, ce n\\\'est pas grave s\\\'il est mon frère, n\\\'est ce pas?

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Comedy, Harem, Romance, Shounen

Created On: 2011

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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The story is about the Himenokouji twins named Akito and Akiko who got separated due to certain circumstances and after years of living apart they suddenly began to live under the same roof once again. Things were fine at first until Akiko began expressing her love for her older brother. Now Akiko must fight to defend her extraordinary love for her Onii-chan as she battles against all odds and three other girls who are after her beloved Onii-chan.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第33F話 33F - EXTRA STORY 3 years ago
2Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第33E話 33E - SPECIAL 05 3 years ago
3Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第33D話 33D - SPECIAL 04 3 years ago
4Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第33C話 33C - SPECIAL 03 3 years ago
5Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第33B話 33B - SPECIAL 02 3 years ago
6Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第33A話 33A - SPECIAL 01 3 years ago
7Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第33話 33 - raw 3 years ago
8Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第32話 32 - raw 3 years ago
9Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第31話 31 - raw 3 years ago
10Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第30話 30 - raw 3 years ago
11Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第29話 29 - raw 3 years ago
12Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第28話 28 - raw 3 years ago
13Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第27話 27 - raw 3 years ago
14Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第26話 26 - raw 3 years ago
15Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第25話 25 - raw 3 years ago
16Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第24話 24 - raw 3 years ago
17Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第23話 23 - raw 3 years ago
18Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第22話 22 - raw 3 years ago
19Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第21話 21 - raw 3 years ago
20Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第20話 20 - raw 3 years ago
21Oniichan-Dakedo-Ai-Sae-Areba-Kankeinai-Yo-Ne Chapter 第19話 19 - raw 3 years ago
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