Oyayubi kara Romance

Oyayubi kara Romance

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Alternative Names:

拇指罗曼史, 親指からロマンス, Romance from the Thumb, Sweet relax (French by Delcourt), Oyayubi kara Romance, The Magic Touch (English)

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Comedy , Drama , Romance , School Life , Shoujo

Author: TSUBAKI Izumi

Artist: TSUBAKI Izumi

Created On: 2004

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:3325

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Chiaki is a massage crazy girl who only thinks of massages and on the bus to school she always sees a guy with a really stiff back. She really wants to massage that back but doesn't dare to look at the guy's face. When she coincidentally meets the guy in school, she immediately recognizes the back. And of course begs him to let her massage him (in a very hilarious way) but of course like every good looking, slightly evil guy he has conditions....

Massage Research Society's high expected star Chiaki is a normal, quiet high schooler. She immediately wants to massage the guy with the beautiful back who she sees on her bus, then coincidentally she also sees him at her school. But he just happens to be the school's number one good looking guy Yousuke, who doesn't want anybody to massage him. When Yousuke and Chiaki make a bet, what will happen to them!?

Vol. 1 contains the side story: Teach Me, Prince

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