Robinson Letter - ロビンソンレター

Robinson Letter - ロビンソンレター

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Alternative Names:

ロビンソンレター , Robinson Retaa

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Ecchi , School Life , Seinen

Author: AKAGANE Matsuri

Artist: AKAGANE Matsuri

Created On: 2010

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:2126

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Out of pure coincidence, the new resident at his apartment happens to be the same girl that sent him his first fan-letter. Konno Hotaka is a young author and the landlord of the apartment where Yamanashi Haya, the writer of Hotaka's first fan letter, will be staying. Since there were no other rooms open, she ends up living in the same room as Hotaka. Hotaka does not want to reveal that he is the author of her favorite series, fearing that doing so will make things more awkward than it already is.

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