Saya Saya to

Saya Saya to

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Alternative Names:

清々と, Sayasaya to, Seisei to,

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Romance , Seinen

Author: Tanikawa Fumiko

Artist: Tanikawa Fumiko

Created On: 2013

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Accepted into the school that she set her eyes on and studied furiously for, Tanaka Saya thought she couldn’t have been more excited. But now that she accomplished her dream of attending Rinran Academy, she has nothing to aim for while all her classmates have goals and aspirations for their future. Depressed that she is floating aimlessly through her first semester, she starts spending more time at the rose garden on campus where Mr. Motoyawata, the timid teacher who the students seem to have no respect for, tends the flowers. Saya grows up a little everyday and influences the people around her.

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1Saya-Saya-to Chapter 第16話 16 - Raw 3 years ago
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