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Shaba no "Futsuu" wa Muzukashii

Shaba no

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  • Title: Shaba no "Futsuu" wa Muzukashii
  • Summary: At least this much is "normal," is it not?

    Elma who was raised in a prison was dangerously granted pardon and released. Though she tries to heed her mother's words to be "normal," while working as a maid in the royal palace, her outlandish abilities and behavior end up shaking it up in its entirety. Successfully carrying out a four person's job in one morning, tea that would taste as if it was blessed by the heavens if she brewed it, dissembling a giant tuna with one stroke of a sword, and even with a surgical procedure more advanced than recovery magic as her forte.
    --if not a little dangerous, even this normal is it not?

    The curtain opens on a story of a thoughtlessly peerless girl who had intended to be normal.
  • Categories: Comedy , Fantasy , Slice of Life
  • Alternate Names: シャバの『普通』は難しい
  • Author: Unknown
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Type: Manga
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Published: Unknown
  • Rank: 2402
  • Total Views: 183
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