Sugars (YAMAMORI Mika)

Sugars (YAMAMORI Mika)

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Alternative Names:

シュガーズ (YAMAMORI Mika) , 蜜恋糖果 , Sweet Sweets Stories

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Romance , School Life , Shoujo

Author: YAMAMORI Mika

Artist: YAMAMORI Mika

Created On: 2008

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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A collection of short stories that revolve around a chain of people.

Volume 1

1. Behold the Secret Candy Plan!
No one ever asks Matsuzoe Kie out. She's 18, so her high school life is ending soon! Her friend tells her to eat a piece of candy that works like a love potion. All the guys are into her now, even her good friend Shimon! But when she really falls for him, she worries that their love is a lie...

2. The Sugar-Free Girl and the Banana Pancake
Shirakawa Mami (Kie's BFF and cupid) always gets asked out, but consistently turns everyone down. One day she's approached by a Jack Johnson-loving underclassman, Tarou, who wants her to test out some sweets. Mami doesn't like sweets, but she ends up falling for him. Unfortunately, he's already got someone he likes..?

3. A Happy Merry Christmas Eve
Akahoshi Tomomi (Kie's and Mami's friend) is called in on the day before Christmas Eve to fill in for a volunteer that couldn't come to school to help bake cakes. The only other volunteer there turns out to be the student council president, Haida, who is totally quiet and nerdy. The two end up having fun together, though..?

4. Lucky Ice Cream
Midorikawa Maika (Tomomi's friend and classmate) is in love with her teacher, Yamabuki. She even goes out of her way to be with him and volunteers after school to pick weeds. She thought it'd be just her and the teacher, but another boy, Momoya, ends up volunteering as well. Maika confesses to her teacher, and he ends up quitting his job. The other volunteer tells Maika that he did it, so he could be together with her..?

5. Mr. Valentine's Day
Chayamachi Hiro completely transformed himself when he entered high school. He's so popular he's called "Mr. Valentine"! When Valentine's day comes around, the only thing he can think of is the one girl who gave him chocolate back when he was ugly in middle school...

6. Mixed Fruit Girl
Hirashima Ginjirou (Hiro's buddy) has a good friend, Akira, who always steals his thunder. It's especially humiliating because Akira is actually a girl (but she looks like a gorgeous guy). Whenever a girl's into Gin and they happen to meet Akira, they always end up falling for the latter. But when a guy asks Akira out, Gin gets a little jealous..?

Volume 2

7. Sweet Escape
As high-school graduation draws near, Momoya Ippei (Hiro's classmate and Maika's eye-opener) starts to remember all the things he could have done as a student. That is when his classmate Shirakawa unexpectedly joins him on the rooftop to skip classes. They decide to catch up on what they missed and realise that they have more in common than they had orginally thought...

8. Fruit Cake Syndrome
Haida Emma (Haida's sister) is 11 years old (at heart) and admires the college student Akira. She tries her hardest to measure up to her prince-like tutor: She eats eats the fruits cake Akira brings, she reads sophisticated books, she even listens to the same Western music. But somehow, she still feels unhappy..?

9. Marshmallow Therapy
Murahashi Akane has trouble talking to boys since she always went to an all-girl's school. But when she sees a fragile-looking upperclassman, Shirakawa, in the library, she asks him to practice conversations with her, and he agrees..?

10. Tiramisu of You
Kanehara Yuuichi always frequents an Italian cake shop when he feels listless. As a third-year in high-school student everything feels tiring, even more so when it involves girls and relationships. But one day, when the girl behind the shop's counter gives him a tiramisu, things start to change...

Extra: Birthday Princess

Volume 3

11. The Apple Forked Road
The tomboy Yanagi Eri doesn't understand the world anymore. After entering high school, everyone seems to be growing into adults fast: her classmates, her manga buddy Krillin, her younger brother Daisuke... Even her extremely shy friend Akane has gotten a boyfriend! But is she really the only one who doesn't change..?

12. Her Devil's Food Cake
Mishima Sakura (Akira's cousin and Eri's friend) doesn't hold back when it comes to approaching the cold store clerk at the video rental store mshe frequents. She doesn't mind that he's 5 years older than her or that he's got a girlfriend back at his hometown. She even bakes a "devil's food cake" for his birthday, and he reluctantly accepts it..?

13. Mama's Pudding
Sumire (Terada's ex) doesn't get along with her classmates at all. After she transferred into a new school, her social life just kept going downhill: the girls ignore her for no reason, someone keeps trashing her indoor shoes and everyone only fawns over the class' soccer ace. That is until the latter sees how she triumphantly fishes her shoes from the trash bin...

14. Bittersweet Chocolate Chip
Terada Ai has only been in love once, and after five years he still can't bring himself to forget about Sumire. Their beautiful memories keep occupying his mind. However, when Sakura dashes into his life and confronts him with the painful truth, Ai finds the resolve to..?

15. Gingerly, Gingerly

Extra: Shimon's Appearance

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