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てーきゅう , 女高网球部 , 网球并不可笑嘛 , Te-kyuu , Teekyū! , Teekyu , Teekyu! , Teekyuu

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Comedy , School Life , Shounen , Slice of Life

Author: Roots

Created On: 2012

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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The four girls of the Kameido High School tennis club play and don't play tennis in their side-splittingly funny daily lives. The new club member, Yuri Oshimoto, is forced to be the straightman to her idiotic upperclassmen. Then there's Kanae Shinjou, the stupidity-machine who can't play tennis even though she's in the tennis club; Marimo Bandou, the unpredictable super-pervert from Kansai; and Nasuno Takamiya, the air-headed, mysterious rich girl who tries to solve everything with money. Today, tomorrow, and the day after, regardless if they're all there or not, it's a tennis manga you can't help but roar in laughter at!? And in the fall of 2012, you might get caught up in the “Teekyuu” whirlwind even further!?

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