Tonari no Neneko-san - となりのネネコさん

Tonari no Neneko-san - となりのネネコさん

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School Life , Shoujo

Author: Miyahara Ruri

Artist: Miyahara Ruri

Created On: 2007

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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A new manga that's entirely in color! There's a new transfer student, Satou Neneko, and she's a cat-person! Upon hearing this, many of the students hoped for an adorable cat-eared girl, but this is a different sort of catgirl. Instead of cute ears or a tail, she has a cat-face... cat eyes, cat nose, and a cat mouth. Therefore, instead of being adorable, she's scary and inscrutable, to classmates and teachers both! Particularly terrorized is Yamada Hana, who sits next to her. Hana would like to get along with Neneko, but can't help thinking the cat girl is treating her like some sort of servant. Will the students be able to get past Neneko's aloof and frightening demeanor and actually get to know her?

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Tonari-no-Neneko-San Chapter 第VOLUME_03話 VOLUME 03 2 years ago
2Tonari-no-Neneko-San Chapter 第VOLUME_02話 VOLUME 02 2 years ago
3Tonari-no-Neneko-San Chapter 第VOLUME_01話 VOLUME 01 2 years ago
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