Watashi-tachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru. - 私たちには壁がある。

Watashi-tachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru. - 私たちには壁がある。

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你我之间一墙之隔 私たちには壁がある。, There Are Walls Between Us , watashitachi ni wa kabe ga aru , Watashitachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru.

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Comedy , Romance , School Life , Shoujo



Created On: 2013

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Makoto is suddenly confessed to by her narcissistic childhood friend Kikuchi Reita. Not even just any confession, he stands in the street and publicly says “If you want a boyfriend that badly, I don't mind going out with you”. Which was obviously a no, since Makoto has never considered Reita to be a man, especially a man of interest. What will become of her daily life now that Reita insists on her going out with him?

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第29.5話 29.5 - Extra 10 months ago
2Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第29話 29 - RAW 10 months ago
3Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第28話 28 - RAW 10 months ago
4Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第27話 27 - RAW 10 months ago
5Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第26話 26 - RAW 10 months ago
6Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第25.5話 25.5 - Extra 10 months ago
7Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第25話 25 - RAW 10 months ago
8Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第24話 24 - RAW 10 months ago
9Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第23話 23 - RAW 10 months ago
10Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第22話 22 - RAW 10 months ago
11Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第21話 21 - RAW 10 months ago
12Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第20.5話 20.5 - Extra 10 months ago
13Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第20話 20 - RAW 10 months ago
14Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第19話 19 - RAW 10 months ago
15Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第18話 18 - RAW 10 months ago
16Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第17話 17 - RAW 10 months ago
17Watashi-tachi-ni-wa-Kabe-ga-Aru Chapter 第16話 16 - RAW 10 months ago
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