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Alternative Names:

よつばと!, Cỏ bốn lá, Yotsuba to !, Yotsuba!, Yotsuba&!

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Comedy, Shounen, Slice Of Life

Author: Azuma Kiyohiko

Artist: Azuma Kiyohiko

Created On: 2003

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:76039

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Yotsuba is a strange little girl with a big personality! Even in the most trivial, unremarkable encounters, Yotsuba’s curiosity and enthusiasm quickly turn the everyday into the extraordinary! Join Yotsuba’s adventures as she expores the wonders of the world around her

Yotsuba&! received an Excellence Award for Manga at the 2006 Japan Media Arts Festival. In 2008 Yotsuba&! was nominated for the 12th Osamu Tezuka Culture Award and the Eisner Award "Best Publication for Kids" category, but did not win either, and was runner-up for the first annual Manga Taish? award.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Yotsubato! Chapter 第94話 94 - RAW 10 months ago
2Yotsubato! Chapter 第89話 89 - Raw 2 years ago
3Yotsubato! Chapter 第88.2話 88.2 - Part 2 2 years ago
4Yotsubato! Chapter 第88話 88 - Raw 2 years ago
5Yotsubato! Chapter 第87.2話 87.2 - Raw 2 years ago
6Yotsubato! Chapter 第87話 87 - Raw 2 years ago
7Yotsubato! Chapter 第86話 86 - Raw 3 years ago
8Yotsubato! Chapter 第85話 85 - Raw 3 years ago
9Yotsubato! Chapter 第83話 83 - raw 3 years ago
10Yotsubato! Chapter 第82話 82 - raw 3 years ago
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