Yuugai Toshi

Yuugai Toshi

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有害都市, Harmful City, Poison City (French), Yugai Toshi

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Author: TSUTSUI Tetsuya

Artist: TSUTSUI Tetsuya

Created On: 2014

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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The year is 2019, and the Japanese government has recently increased their involvement in censorship of the mass media. The upcoming Tokyo Olympics accelerates their efforts. Depictions deemed obscene by the Japanese government become increasingly difficult to publish, even in manga.

Under these circumstances, manga author Hibino Mikio just got an opportunity to publish his horror manga: "Dark Walker." His manga centers around a disease that turns normal people into cannibals during the night. Watch as Mikio finds himself in a manga industry shaken by a war on the freedom of expression.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第Final話 Final - Series End 2 years ago
2Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第15話 15 - Raw 2 years ago
3Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第14話 14 - Raw 2 years ago
4Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第13話 13 - Raw 2 years ago
5Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第12話 12 - Raw 2 years ago
6Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第11話 11 - Raw 2 years ago
7Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第10話 10 - Raw 2 years ago
8Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第09話 09 - Raw 2 years ago
9Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第08話 08 - Raw 2 years ago
10Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第07話 07 - RAW 3 years ago
11Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第06話 06 - RAW 3 years ago
12Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第05話 05 - RAW 3 years ago
13Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第04話 04 - RAW 3 years ago
14Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第03話 03 - RAW 3 years ago
15Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第02話 02 - RAW 3 years ago
16Yugai-Toshi Chapter 第01話 01 - RAW 3 years ago
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