Adamas Witches
Adamas Witches
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Adamas Witches

Adamas no Majotachi, Adamas Witches, The Witches of Adamas, アダマスの魔女たち, 阿达曼石的魔女们, 阿達曼石的魔女們, 아다마스의 마녀들
Status: Ongoing
Author: IMAI Yuu
Type: Manga
Views: 7889
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Synopsis Adamas Witches

Yukinari discovers that he has a condition known as Adamas Syndrome, which allows him to ejaculate rose diamonds worth 5 million yen. One side effect is that each ejaculation causes him to lose 1 year of lifespan. A group of seductress women called “witches” are now seeking his semen to get rich.


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