Fujun na Sister-tachi wa Zange Shinai
Fujun na Sister-tachi wa Zange Shinai
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Fujun na Sister-tachi wa Zange Shinai

不純な彼女達は懺悔しない, Fujun'na Kanojotachi wa Zange Shinai, Fujun'na Sister-tachi wa Zange Shinai, Impure Sisters Do Not Repent, 不純な彼女たちは懺悔しない, 不純な彼女(シスター)達は懺悔しない
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Type Manga
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Synopsis Fujun na Sister-tachi wa Zange Shinai

From ComicWalker:In a world where Takafumi, the hero who defeated the Demon Lord, is worshiped as a god, Scott, a young priest, is assigned to the Church of Karma to spread the religion of Takafumi.However, there is a problem with this church. The problem is that all the nuns here are super naughty. They were all problematic children that they could not be accepted anywhere else. One of the sisters would get drunk and cause trouble. Another sister held wild orgies with the villagers. And the third sister was so delusional that she would spread lewd rumors all over the place. Can Brother Scott rebuild the church, which is no longer attracting worshipers because of the strange sisters? Or will Scott’s rational thought be overwhelmed by lust for the sisters fir性職者(ケモノ)が貴方の色んな悩み、お聞きします♥
しかし、この教会にはある問題があった。それはここのシスターたちが全員…超・超・超!!!!! がつくほどの淫●で問題児だったのだ!!!!!!
変●シスターたちのせいで人が寄り付かなくなった教会を、果たしてスコットは建て直すことができるのか!!!!! それとも、スコットの性欲と理性がシスターたちによって崩壊させられるのが先か!!!!?
こんな教会になら毎日通っちゃう!!? 欲望渦巻く教会勃(た)て直しエロ・ファンタジー!!!