I Will Delete Them From My Life
I Will Delete Them From My Life
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I Will Delete Them From My Life

그것들, 내 인생에서 삭제합니다, I'm Deleting Them From My Life, I Will Delete Them From My Life, I Will Erase Them From This Very Life, I Will Remove Them From My Life, LOS ELIMINARÉ DE MI VIDA, あなた、私の人生から消去します, 그것들, 내 인생에서 삭제합니다
Status Ongoing
Author Miraenavi
Type Manhwa
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Synopsis I Will Delete Them From My Life

바람난 남편에게 이혼하자 했다 목이 졸려 죽고 말았다.

그걸로 고통스럽던 인생은 끝인 줄 알았는데.

“내가, 어려…?”

다시 눈을 떴을 때 열두 살의 힘 없고 말 못하던 백작 영애로 돌아와 있었다.

호시탐탐 백작가를 집어삼키려 드는 작은 아버지에.

가정부는 자기가 주인이라도 된 것처럼 안하무인!

심지어 시중하녀는 어머니의 유품까지 도둑질해?

‘두 번은 그렇게 안 살아, 못 살아!’

이용당하고 고생만 하다 허무하게 죽는 삶은 한 번으로 충분했다.

내 인생을 괴롭힌 그것들 모두.

‘전부 삭제해 버리겠어.’

I was strangled to death by my cheating husband when I asked for a divorce. I thought that would be the end of my painful life.

“I’m young…?” When I opened my eyes again, I went back to being a 12 year old daughter of count who had no power and couldn’t speak.

My uncle who watched for an opportunity to swallow the Count. An audacious housemaid who thought that they became the owner. Furthermore, a maid who steals mother’s belongings? ‘I won’t live like this again, I can’t!’

One life spent being used, suffering, and dying in vain was enough. Those who made my life torture. ‘I will delete them all from my life.’


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