Isekai Hito Mmusume Doubutsuen
Isekai Hito Mmusume Doubutsuen
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Isekai Hito Mmusume Doubutsuen

Isekai Zoo, 异世界人娘动物园, 異世界ひとっ娘動物園
Status: Ongoing
Type: Manga
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Synopsis Isekai Hito Mmusume Doubutsuen


Meet Yuzuki! A portly zookeeper, he gets more attention from animals than the ladies. But things take a wacky turn when he slips on a puddle of ice and dies.

Suddenly, he meets a goddess who wishes to make him the savior of another world – more specifically, to create a zoo of endangered fantasy creatures. With nothing but an OP deck brush and bucket in his possession, Yuzuki must learn how to treat minotaurs and unicorns and jk he gets a harem of cute girls