Kyokuto Necromance
Kyokuto Necromance
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Kyokuto Necromance

極東ネクロマンス, Kyokutou Necromance, 極東ネクロマンス
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
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Synopsis Kyokuto Necromance

家族思いの少年・宇埜薫の眼に、ある日突然映るようになった謎の化け物――“死霊”。彼の前に現れた、亡き父の仕事仲間・天音耀司と、父が残した不思議な指輪が、少年を死霊術士の世界へと誘う――『ALIENS AREA』の那波歩才が贈る死霊術士バトル新連載!!

One day, Kaoru Uno suddenly starts seeing mysterious monsters known as shiryo or death spirits. With the arrival of his late father’s coworker Yoji Amane and a special ring his father gave him, Kaoru is ushered into the world of necromancers! From the creator of Aliens Area comes a fantastic new series of necromancer battles!