Le Cervin
Le Cervin
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Le Cervin

Re Cervin, Le Cervin, レ・セルバン, Les Cervin
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
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Synopsis Le Cervin



そんな彼女の前に、父を名乗る男・セルバンが現れーー 亡国の王と、忘却の姫君。“喪失”で繋がれた二人の、“再生”の旅が幕を開ける。

A young princess of the mountainside country of Helentar, Arsinoe, awakens and finds that a month has passed since the day the Empire of Ilia invaded. On that day, her mother was killed, an evil dragon reawakened, and her homeland razed by fire. With the power of Sent Fuana, “Madwoman Who Devours Memories,” she is able to keep the dragon at bay, but in exchange she loses her memories of her father. Now a man claiming to be her father, Cervin, appears before her. A king without a country, and princess without her memory. Two people brought together by loss set out on a journey of recovery.