Marriage Gray
Marriage Gray
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Marriage Gray

マリッジグレー, 메리지 그레이
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
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Synopsis Marriage Gray

妻が怪しい!! 何故こんな自分と結婚してくれたんだろう…!? 平凡な男・直継が出会ったのは容姿・要領・愛想良しの憙乃(よしの)!! マリッジブルーならぬ、日々疑惑が深まるマリッジグレーな新婚生活スタート!!

My wife is suspicious!! Why did she marry a guy like me…? Ordinary average guy Tsuchioka Naotsugu ended up with Yoshino, who’s perfect in all angles of beauty, know-how, and sociability. It’s not “marriage blue” it’s everyday life questioning over things, so it’s “marriage gray” newlywed life, go!


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