Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu!
Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu!
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Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu!

I Shall Survive Using Potions!, Potion Danomi de Ikinobimasu!, Potion Tanomi de Ikinobimasu!, ポーション頼みで生き延びます!, 异界卖药续命记, 異界賣藥續命記
Status Ongoing
Author FUNA
Type Manga
Views 262
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Synopsis Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu!



Kaoru Nagase got caught up in a mysterious phenomenon and died on her way home from work. She skillfully convinced the higher-being that caused the “Degradation Mode” accident into giving her “The ability to create any potion with any effect I can think of”, and to be revived in the other world with her younger-self’s body!

Kaoru, who’s now a rather sharp-eyed 15 year old girl, will work hard for a peaceful life in another world!


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