Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan
Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan
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Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan

Sengoku Komachi Kurou Tan!, Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan - Noukou Giga, 戦国小町苦労譚, 戦国小町苦労譚 農耕戯画, 전국 코마치 고생담
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Type Manga
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Synopsis Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan


目の前に現われたのは――憧れの織田信長!? 信長の兵に捕らえられ、咄嗟に「農業で才を示す」と約束してしまった静子は尾張国の農業改革に乗り出すことになり…!?


One fateful day, a girl time slipped into the Sengoku Era.

It was an abrupt enough event to be dubbed god’s whim, done to sate hellish boredom.

The girl has no power to change the world.

She was a very ordinary, common, and plain girl that can be found anywhere.

And that girl can do no more than a single thing.

Survive the Sengoku Era ——– that’s all.


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