Shingeki no Eroko-san
Shingeki no Eroko-san
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Shingeki no Eroko-san

Attack on Eroko ~Weird Older Sister Wants to Get Closer to High School Boys~, Shingeki no Eroko-san ~Hen na Oneesan wa Danshikousei to Nakayoku Naritai~, 진격의 에로코 씨, 進撃のえろ子さん, 進撃のえろ子さん~変なお姉さんは男子高生と仲良くなりたい~
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Synopsis Shingeki no Eroko-san

アニメやゲームをこよなく愛する元ニート・新藤絵留子27歳。美人でスタイルも抜群なのに、なぜか自己評価は低め…という彼女のもう一つの 名前、それは「進撃のえろ子」!息抜きにエロ妄想を呟くだけでよかったのに、脱ニートのため働き始めた「便利屋 甘栗」で現実の「推しキャラ」星クン(高校生)を見つけてしまう――!!一緒に働き始めたら星クンのひざ裏が性的すぎて……私の中のえろ子が進撃する☆「推しに課金したいし、彼のフードになりたいとか思うけど、結局、お話できる だけで幸せ!」期待すらしてなかったけど、推しが好きすぎてエロ妄想が現実に!?大ヒット「変女」新シリーズ!不思議とフェチに共感を呼ぶ歳の差イチャイチャラブコメディ第1巻!!!

Shindou Eruko, a glasses, big breasted beauty, found a job as a handyman for the Amaguri Handyman service after her NEET life comes to an end as her savings ran out. She immediately falls for her co-worker Hoshi-kun on their first day working together, but there’s a problem: Hoshi-kun is a high school boy, while Eruko is a 27 years old onee-san who has trouble telling reality and delusions apart. She ends up constantly scheming to get close to Hoshi-kun to turn many of her delusions into reality…