The Producer Who Lives Twice
The Producer Who Lives Twice
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The Producer Who Lives Twice

Second Life Producer; 头号制作人; 두 번 사는 프로듀서
Status: Ongoing
  • Released: 2021
  • Type: Manhwa
    Views: 121
    Serialization: Naver Series
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    Synopsis The Producer Who Lives Twice

    "Whoops, sorry. But it’s first come first serve, right? The broadcasting industry is like that." Joon Soo joined a broadcasting company with a dream. But for 10 years he lost everything he’s worked for because of his trashy Sunbae. He regretted it deeply and grinded his teeth, but nothing could be done to correct it. When he was about to give up everything in despair, the second opportunity in his life has come when he returned to the day he joined the company with all of his memories and know-how intact. In the second life, can his dreams be achieved without repeating the despair of the past?


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