The Villainess Becomes the Leading Lady
The Villainess Becomes the Leading Lady
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The Villainess Becomes the Leading Lady

악녀지만 여주인공이 되겠습니다, Aku Seorang Antagonis, Tapi Aku Akan Jadi Tokoh Utamanya!, Even Though I'm the Villainess, I'll Become the Heroine!, �Aunque sea la villana, me convertire en la heroina!, 反派恶女想当女主, 反派想要当女主, 反派想要成为女主, 惡女也能當上女主角, 虽然是恶女,但我会成为女主的, 악녀지만 여주인공이 되겠습니다
Status: Ongoing
Author: Yurinhae
Type: Manhwa
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Synopsis The Villainess Becomes the Leading Lady

내게 지옥을 선사한 가해자와 함께 읽었던 소설에 빙의해버렸다. 가해자는 여주인공인 ‘플로레’로, 나는 끔찍하게 죽게 될 악녀 ‘달리아’로. “대공 전하, 저와 결혼하시지 않으시겠어요?” “지금… 뭐라고 하셨습니까?” “그리고 함께 복수해요.” 남주인공인 노엘의 이복 형이자 이후 반역을 일으켜 처단될, 운명인 요한 데카르트 세르비엔. 내 복수의 최고의 아군이 될 남자를 놓쳐서는 안 된다. 악녀의 몸에 빙의한 이상, 이 몸을 철저하게 사용해주겠어. 이수연

Reborn into a fantasy novel as a wicked character fated to meet an early demise, Minjoo – now Dahlia Margaret – has a lot on her plate right from the start. But at least she’s now free of her vicious high school bully, Sooyeon. Or is she? When Dahlia meets Flore, her estranged sister and the protagonist of the novel, she is shocked to find that the girl bears a suspicious resemblance to the classmate who tormented her. Now, driven by the desire to save her own life and also get revenge, Dahlia needs to make a powerful ally, and she has her eye on a handsome royal who just might be perfect for the job. However, a deal with this mysterious man might mean more than she bargained for…


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