Ultra Alter
Ultra Alter
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Ultra Alter

최강부캐, Ultra Alter, Ultra-Alter, 最強副 Character, 최강부캐, Ultra-Alternate Character
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
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Synopsis Ultra Alter

“새로운 나를 깨워라” 체감형 VR MMORPG 게임 <에르고스피어 온라인>에서 “힐러 셔틀”을 하던 고등학생 이오름은 어느날 자신이 남몰래 키워둔 최강의 부캐 “어벤져”가 되어버리고 만다. 그리고 연이어 나타나는 몬스터들과 각종 퀘스트들. 이오름은 모든 위기를 이겨내고 새로운 내가 될 수 있을까. 본격 부캐 활극 현대 판타지.

In Ergosphere Online, a VR MMORPG craze, Oreum Lee is harshly mocked by his party members for being a mediocre healer. Not only that, his teammates in the game bully him in real life at school. Oreum’s saving grace is his alternate character, a powerful Avenger class character that he plays with extraordinary skill. One day when Oreum logs out of the game, a glitch in the system imbues him with his alternate character’s abilities and forces him to fight against evil monsters from the in-game realm. Will Oreum survive the game world and his school life at the same time?


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