Category Adult

  • Junai Junkies

    Junai Junkies

    Genre: Mature , Romance, Seinen , Adult

    Hatsuki Kyo

    Latest Chapter 106

    Summary: Eiraku Juntaro is a new hire at the Young Challengers weekly magazine publishing house. Young Challengers publishes photos of cute gravure models....

  • Hana wa Kurenai

    Hana wa Kurenai

    Genre: Adult

    MURAO Mio

    Latest Chapter VOLUME_001

    Summary: Country boy Midori has just moved to Tokyo to work at a job that he landed through family connections. His naïve and extremely honest personality...

  • Joshi Ana Nanase

    Joshi Ana Nanase

    Genre: Adult

    HAZUKI Kaoru

    Latest Chapter Volume_03


  • Saseyo Eroika

    Saseyo Eroika

    Genre: Seinen , Adult

    TAKADA Sanko

    Latest Chapter 32


  • Gekkan Komikku @ Banchi

    Gekkan Komikku @ Banchi

    Genre: Magazine , Action , Ecchi , Adult

    Latest Chapter 2021-02

    Summary: Monthly Comic @ Bunch (月刊コミックバンチ Gekkan Komikku @ Banchi?) is a monthly Japanese manga anthology marketed to young adults, edited by Coamix a...